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"Scott Day was really helpful because [he] commented on the [store's] name and about how it should convey a more fun, colorful, kid sound. He also talked about what we could do to change our windows and that we shouldn't have all of our bestsellers right as you walk in. As a result, sales have gone up in the last few months, especially for toys and books."

Robin Hendrix
Totally Kids, Winstead CT

Economic Restructuring

Market Analysis and Assistance 
Market analysis methodology developed specifically for the needs, unique problems and opportunities of traditional commercial districts. UDS presents its philosophy and methodology of retail market analysis for traditional commercial districts and provides the business district with hands-on assistance. [more]

Business Retention
Business retention is one of the first areas an economic restructuring committee needs to address.  This workshop looks at business assistance and education programs that foster small businesses in downtown. [more]

Business Development and Marketing Plan
After the market analysis is complete, UDS will assist the Department in developing a business development and marketing plan/promotion strategy for each commercial district. [more]

Business Mix and Cluster Analysis
During this visit, data on downtown's businesses and customers are reviewed to determine downtown’s strength and position in the market.  Observations based on downtown's customers, existing businesses, and market potential are turned into several clustering maps depicting the ideal location for new businesses. [more]

Business Recruitment Process
This workshop focuses on filling downtown's vacancies with businesses that enhance downtown's business mix.  A prerequisite for this workshop is that the Market Analysis be complete. [more]

Real Estate Project Review
This technical assistance involves reviewing the parameters for developing a vacant parcel or redeveloping a vacant building such as a department store, hotel, theater, etc.  Topics that may be covered include: determining a use for the building or site, pro forma analysis, financing opportunities, public/private sector partnership opportunities, etc. [more]

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