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"Scott Day was really helpful because [he] commented on the [store's] name and about how it should convey a more fun, colorful, kid sound. He also talked about what we could do to change our windows and that we shouldn't have all of our bestsellers right as you walk in. As a result, sales have gone up in the last few months, especially for toys and books."

Robin Hendrix
Totally Kids, Winstead CT


Design Topics

Window Displays for Small Businesses
This two hour workshop presents basic window design principals so that businesses are more effective in reaching their target customer market. The workshop will stress how to achieve focus with minimal, easy-to-implement displays through simple techniques and concludes with participants doing hands on-displays. [more]

Merchandising for Independent Businesses
The workshop helps retailers determine the best way to manage their inventories, assists them in improving the floor plan of their stores so that customers see more of the available products, and helps merchants develop a visual image that is appropriate for the customers they serve. The workshop will help retailers devise their own models and tools so that they become more competitive and present professionally polished business images. [more]

Streetscape Plan Review
The goal of this visit is to develop or review a preliminary concept plan for public improvements.  Usually a three-day tech visit to give recommendations and establish priorities. [more]

Historic Preservation Planning
Usually a two-day tech visit that will develop or give recommendations on intensive historic surveys, historic districts, establishing a local historic preservation commission among other topics. [more]

In-fill Construction
This two-day technical visit examines the physical and design constraints for constructing a new building, which needs to respect the design of adjacent development patterns and adjacent uses. [more]

Waterfront Development
This is a two-day technical visit to examine criteria for the development of a natural resource.   Many communities are rediscovering their waterfronts, which are being recycled into community gathering places, passive recreation and viewing spaces, sites for heritage tourism interpretation, or for more intensive recreation uses such as motor boating. [more]

General Design Training
As design committees experience turnover it’s important that new members receive training to bring them up to spend on the basic Main Street design philosophy. This ½ day community workshop reviews various aspects to train new committee members in design basics. [more]

Design Charette Workshop
A two-day tech visit brings in a team of design professionals to provide technical assistance to the community that needs numerous design proposals completed in a short time period. [more]

Working With Local Zoning and Building Codes
Often new construction or building rehabilitation is dictated by building zoning codes that are set up for development occurring outside of downtowns. Downtown has a special set of design considerations for proper in-fill construction and building rehabilitation. These design criteria need to be reflected in the local codes to insure that new construction is compatible and downtown retains its sense of place. [more]

Managing Parking and Traffic
Auto circulation and parking lots impact much of the way downtown functions.  This visit is typically a minimum of one day and is tailored to the specific needs of the community.  This technical assistance visit can help local planning officials, business representatives, property owners, and residents work together to insure that the goals of each group are met and downtown maintains its sense of place. [more]

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