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"Scott Day was really helpful because [he] commented on the [store's] name and about how it should convey a more fun, colorful, kid sound. He also talked about what we could do to change our windows and that we shouldn't have all of our bestsellers right as you walk in. As a result, sales have gone up in the last few months, especially for toys and books."

Robin Hendrix
Totally Kids, Winstead CT

Waterfront Development

This is a two-day technical visit to examine criteria for the development of a natural resource.   Many communities are rediscovering their waterfronts, which are being recycled into community gathering places, passive recreation and viewing spaces, sites for heritage tourism interpretation, or for more intensive recreation uses such as motor boating.  Other decisions on how to develop the waterfront or to leave it in a more natural state are examined as well.  Interviews are held with relative officials such as property owners, city officials, representatives of the Department of Natural Resources, Coast Guard, or the Army Corps of Engineers.

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